Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All Sentimental

Since I use my blog to document my life and help me remember important things that have happened to my family, I might as well include this major event. Today our home was listed on the market. I have a whirlwind of emotions, but am mostly excited and very grateful. The Lord has provided us a way to accomplish one of our goals four years early. When Ryan and I began this process, we viewed it like, "We'll make the first step and if this is God's will He will make a way." We kicked around the idea of wanting another home and threw it out there to our families. Each and every member was all for it! They were all willing to help us with advice and thoughts along the way. I felt the biggest step would be getting preapproved for our next mortgage. Ryan and I submitted every detail of our lives over to the scrutiny of the qualification process and just prayed. We knew that if this was truly the way for our family to go, God would make a way. And He did.

Now we've stepped into the next stage, selling our current home. I know there's someone out there that will absolutely love our home. If it's meant to sell, then I know God will provide that person to us. We've trusted Him through this entire process and will continue to do so. As I've watched Ryan complete some projects around the house, I've wondered if the new family who moves in will love it as much as we did. It may sound completely silly, but I don't want my home to go to just anyone. I want them to love it and care for it like we have. 

This is the house we brought Caleb home when he was only three days old. It's not just any old house, it's where our family began. It's where Ryan and I learned what marriage is about. All of our memories as a married couple are wrapped up within those walls. Caleb's first steps, first few words, first smiles happened right inside of that home. It's the first thing I ever bought all by myself. It signified my young freedom and ignorance. It was my stand of independence at the age of 22. It's special. 

Today, I am having so many emotions swarming around over the next steps in our lives. I know this is a great change for our growing family. I'm excited about the new possibilities. 

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