Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cousin Visit and Birthday

Last week Ryan's cousin, Audra, visited us! This is the first time she and I have met in person, but I felt like I've known her for years. She's really that awesome. Ryan and Audra hadn't seen each other in about seven years, so we were all so excited to have her here with us. 

These two have so many great childhood memories together and it's so much fun to listen to them remember it. While Audra was here, some little boy of mine fell head over heels for her! Caleb was completely smitten and called her his "Auda"! 

Caleb was hilarious! He showed off every chance he got in front of her...

When she wasn't around, he would ask over and over "Where my Auda go???"

Caleb is so spoiled and Ryan is beyond jealous. Caleb officially has two Jeeps now! Nana and Pa got Caleb a Jeep for him when he's at their house. He was in absolute Heaven!

He kept saying "Daddy Get Out My Jeep!"

While Audra was here, she helped celebrate my 28th birthday on Friday. All of my family got together for dinner and I really enjoyed it! My family got me an iPad for my birthday and I absolutely love it! I have wanted one for so long. I have no idea what all it can do, but I'll get there eventually. 

Caleb was quite the hand full at dinner. He went wild once he knew he had an audience. 

His little face is priceless! He stood beside me as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and I think he thought it was for him! He cracked everyone up with that sweet, little face! I can't wait until his actual birthday now...

Audra went back home yesterday. Ryan and I wish she lived closer to us because we enjoyed having her here. 

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