Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I hope you all had a very blessed Easter! We spent the weekend with our sweet family and Caleb has been thoroughly spoiled by all....

Saturday morning we went to our church's Easter egg hunt for the very first time! I was so excited and Caleb did well. 

He was happy that his Nana and Pa came to watch him hunt the eggs. 

Zoey and Caleb waited so patiently....

They teamed up to get as many eggs as possible! It was so sweet how they shared...

I just love him! He's the sweetest little thing lately. 

I am so blessed to be his mommy!

He had to tell Nana all about the eggs. 

Later Saturday afternoon, Zoey came over to color eggs with Caleb. I figured this would be a huge mess, but they weren't too bad! Caleb thought he was "cooking"! 

They went for a Jeep ride after and were so funny!

After a long, tiring day Caleb finally crashed. Normally he lays down in his room to go to sleep, but he was so tired he passed out on his mommy. I seriously loved every second of it. 

On Sunday, we went to church and had a wonderful time. We love our church and small group. I am so grateful that we have a home there and truly feel that is where God called us to be. 

Then it was time for lunch at Nana and Pa's house. The Easter Bunny left another basket at their house for Caleb and he got to hunt even more eggs!

He gathered maybe five and decided he would rather swing with Daddy. 

That evening, Mom and I made dinner for my family and we hunted more eggs...
We hid eggs all day long....

He has such a sweet little face!

Zoey was so determined to find all of the eggs! She did great!

After Caleb went to bed last night, Ryan and I crashed from our exhausting weekend! 
We had two days off, but we were so busy the entire time. Between hiding a ton of eggs, spending time with our families, and cooking Ryan and I met with a realtor to list our home on the market and I stopped by work to sell a boat. Our life seems so hectic right now but it was great to spend time with those we love. 

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