Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Time

Last night, my family got together for a special dinner. My great uncle came to town for a visit, so we all got together at our favorite restaurant! Caleb was in such a wild, silly mood last night...

I love when my hubby gets dressed up to go out. 

Caleb shouted "Amigos! Marina" while we parked. 

Brian, Tara and Zoey were ready for tacos!

Zoey cracked us up! She would sneak and dip her little finger in the cheese dip....

We had a big group of us and we were so lucky to get a room all to ourselves! 
The kids could act wild and no one cared!

Let me tell you guys... John is our absolute favorite server at Amigos! He's always so happy and friendly. He knows exactly how we like our food fixed. He came in last night just to wait on our group...He's great!

This may very well be the photo of the year... Brian actually took a picture with me... Ha!

We had a great evening with our family!

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