Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kiddie Rides

This weekend Ryan and I took Caleb to his very first festival. We went to the National Cornbread Festival with some friends from church and really enjoyed it! I didn't expect it to be as crowded as it was, but there was plenty to see and do. We toured a cast iron skillet factory and my two boys were in absolute Heaven looking at all of the machines! But, the highlight of the day for Caleb was riding his very first kiddie rides! In the past he has missed out because he wanted to only ride with his mommy. He was too excited to care yesterday!

Caleb was so happy to ride his very first motorcycle!

He was serious about it at first! He really got into it. 

He loved the wind blowing through his hair...

Just pure joy!
His mother is a little worried about his motorcycle obsession at this point....

We moved on to the Corvettes...which he loved!

Finally he drove a boat like the little pro he is!

He has such a huge love for boats, just like his mommy and daddy!

He was flipping out because he was driving a boat like Daddy!

Beyond sweet!

We had a fabulous weekend! I couldn't believe Caleb was so brave. Ryan and I both knew he would flip out as soon as I sat him down and walked away, but he could have cared less! I am so happy that he loves this kind of stuff. 

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