Monday, April 9, 2012

Patiently Waiting

I believe Caleb is finally starting to know more about Jesus! This morning as we were getting ready for our day, he said "I'm coloring Jesus, Mommy!" He had a coloring page that featured Jesus! My heart filled with pride as I thought, "My baby boy knows about Jesus! Our Savior! He knows His beautiful name!!!" I know that we sing "Jesus Loves Me" a bit (with a lot of Veggie Tales thrown in) and we go to church regularly....but I was so floored that it was finally sinking in...He was so very excited to tell me about coloring Jesus! 

I have often wondered if I was setting the right example for him and talking to him enough about Jesus. I've worried from time to time that I'm just not enough...that I just don't do enough. I'm afraid that I'm getting it all wrong at times. I want nothing more than for him to grow up knowing that Jesus loves him and died for him. This is constantly on my heart as his mother. 

I watch little boys and girls professing their faith at church and I wait with excitement as they are baptized. My heart aches for the moment I get to stand as I watch my sweet child do the same. Seriously y'all, I tear up just imagining my precious child being baptized. Yesterday we sat in church as a young boy was baptized and emotions overwhelmed me as I pictured Caleb doing it one day. He could possibly have that opportunity in just a few more short years! 

I want nothing more than to sit by his side as he accepts Jesus as his personal Savior. In reality, I don't care how he does it or who is with him as long as he just does it. But nothing would make me happier in life than to see that moment happen in my child's life. ranks above his wedding day and birth of his children. 

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