Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sweet Children

On Friday night my great uncle, David, came to visit us. My parents were keeping Zoey for the weekend, so we had a fairly small group for dinner. 

We got to the marina a little early, so we took a walk around with Caleb. 

As we watched the ducks swim by, Ryan got a sweet picture of me and my favorite boy. I just love this picture of us! 

At dinner Zoey was just the sweetest, little thing! Actually, they both were....

Caleb was so funny with his granny!

Zoey really opened up with her Aunt Wendy and posed for a picture! She was so cute!

We went for another walk together and both kiddos held my hand the entire time. I just love them both like crazy!

We checked out a couple of boats along the way...

And Zoey gave lots of kisses when it was time to go!

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