Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boat Dinner

Last night Ryan and I had our first official boat dinner. My parents have been taking Zoey and Caleb out to dinner once a week and it gives us a night to ourselves. We were more than ready to get out on the boat this week. 

I wanted to keep our dinner simple so I fixed us some cheese, crackers, and fruit. To me, that's the perfect boat dinner!

It was so relaxing sitting on the boat, watching the sun set. It's been a while since I just stayed still. I feel like we've been so busy for so long and it was nice to just stop. 

This sweet husband of mine has a birthday coming up in just a couple of days!

We have the best time together. I'm such a lucky lady! 

I don't think Caleb even missed us last night. He got to go to dinner with three of his favorite people and then  got to play on the new playset my parents had built for them. Both kids were so excited! They are treated so much better than I was growing up! They are beyond spoiled by their grandparents. Ha! 

I also wanted to share my first picture of some of the reupholstered cushions! I love how they are turning out! Big difference....

I took a picture of them beside some of the old fabric to show you the difference! Crazy, right?!?

They are beautiful so far and I have actually enjoyed making them. That's the real shock! Once I get them all done, I will move onto the curtains and accent pillows. It's not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, so I'm fairly happy with it right now. There's just quite a bit to recover! 

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