Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Captain Caleb

Last night, we took Caleb to the boat for the first time. We told him a couple of days ago that Daddy bought him a boat. He kept saying, "I got big boat? In the water???" Truly hilarious! Ryan began removing the teak from the boat. We plan to sand and restore it to its original condition. When I think of restored boats, I imagine teak that has been cared for properly. While I adore the newer style of cruisers, when I think of a gorgeous boat it involves shining wood accents, glistening in the sun. Nothing prettier! Luckily, my husband thinks the way I do. It doesn't take a lot of money, just some time to make it look right.

Caleb loved the idea of helping Daddy last night! Where Ryan went with tools, so did Caleb. We had to really watch him with the tools! Caleb took to the boat right away and knew just what he wanted : To Drive! He climbed right up in the Captain's chair and took over. 

We had to put Caleb in a new life jacket last night. He has outgrown his first one and we had an extra one that his sister, Madison, used last year. When I put it on him, the straps fit perfectly! I didn't have to adjust them at all! Um, his sister was nine years old the last time she wore that same life jacket....When Ryan and I started thinking about it, Madison was about eight pounds heavier than Caleb is right now....Wow! We seriously cracked up! When we were pregnant with him, we dreamed of our future quarterback. But, I honestly think we're raising a linebacker now....

Ryan was so proud to have Caleb on the boat! We are really looking forward to spending a lot of family time on the water. I was practically raised on it when I was little and I want to make great memories with my family now. 

These are two of my favorite guys in the whole world! I am so very blessed!

I love this picture because clearly my child was stressed out. He saw a huge bird start to fly over just as Ryan took the picture. Too funny! 

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