Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Finding Courage

I have held back a couple of photos from you guys. When Ryan and I got our boat we knew it would need some work. Since we're the kind of people who just love doing that to ourselves, we jumped right in! We keep joking with friends and family about this right now. Since we've finished every project around the house and are waiting for it to sell, we found ourselves sitting on the couch asking, "Now what?!?" Yeah, that didn't last long...

I'm finding that Ryan and I are not the kind of people to sit still for long. We just can't help it! For about a week, I was kinda lost without a project. I started thinking, "Is this what normal people do???" 

So, here we are with another work in progress...Pinterest and the blogging world have given me just enough bravery to hang myself! I started to gather new ideas right after we got the boat. Somehow along the way I started really believing that I could tackle some of these projects. I am by no means crafty! My mother got all of those genes and didn't pass a single one onto her daughter. Growing up, my mother sewed for a living and I can remember watching her. She tried her best to teach me. She really did, but I never showed much of an interest. And now I think I can figure it out....Brilliant, right?!? 

Blog friends, you may need to brace yourselves. I am going to show you the inside of the boat. I held back just long enough to make a plan!

So this is looking into the cabin. To the left is an eating area. Behind that is the main sleeping area. To the right side is a couch/bunk bed area. Yes, friends, that actually is faded orange cushions and bright blue carpet. Rest assured, we are keeping none of it!

It has a ton of potential and I can already picture the outcome in my mind. In the picture below, we have a small kitchen type area. It has a sink and stove area, so that's a huge plus!

It has a small bathroom and shower as well. 

So, I brought some of the cushions home yesterday. Here's where that crafty side of me has to come out one way or another....

I found a beautiful cream colored material to make new covers and reupholster the cushions. 
I pre-washed my fabric as soon as I brought it home. If you skip this step and your selected material decides to shrink the first time you wash it, you're pretty much having some material that doesn't fit. It will look like crap and you won't be happy. Take the time to wash it first... I know how exciting it is to go ahead and start! 

We had tons of little staples to remove from the backs of the seats. Ryan used a flat head screwdriver to pry them out. We then carefully removed the fabric. Luckily these seats had a plastic layer between the foam and the fabric. It kept the mildew smell from getting to the actual foam over time. We plan to put the plastic back when we reassemble everything. 

We took four large cushions apart last night. Come on back this week. I'll show you how to use the old fabric for a template and start the sewing process. Y'all pray for me! Okay?!?

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