Friday, May 4, 2012

He Tried To Kill His Mama

At one of our local malls, there is a carnival set up in the parking lot this week. It looks identical to the one Caleb just went to this past weekend (pretty sure it is the same exact one). Tara and I took the kids to ride their little hearts out. 

Caleb was all about the motorcycles! He couldn't wait to show Zoey how it's done. 

They were so cute together! They both loved it!

The kiddie rides were great, but they can only be fun for so long. Caleb wanted to move on to bigger and better things. While I am super proud that Caleb is tall for his age, I found that a bit scary when it comes to carnival rides. Out of everything there, he was tall enough for all but two rides. He begged to ride the Ferris wheel type ride. Normally, I love them. When I climbed into a swinging bucket that didn't have much keeping us both in, I started to freak out! Tiny bar, swinging bucket, two year old....high off the ground. Seriously! As we were jerked to the top, I wrapped both arms around Caleb, gripped onto the bar in front of us, and tried to find a way to wrap one of my legs across his body. I'm sure I looked beyond ridiculous because my two year old thought it was hilarious. I prayed (and screamed) that we would make it back to the ground alive. That ride seemed like it lasted forever....I was panicked and the two year old locked in my arms cried, "Weeeeeee!!!! Mommy!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!" every single time it went around. It went fast enough to drop my stomach a couple of times. Tara and I both climbed off, visibly shaken with two kids that enjoyed all of it! 

As I was still shaking, Caleb decided he had to ride another crazy one. The one below not only spun in a circle, but it went up and down. As a child, I can remember a similar ride being the first one I ever got sick on (I get so motion sick). I have avoided those type rides since. That is until a certain brave, little boy wanted his mama to ride with him. I knew he would hate every second, but I thought it would break him from wanting to ride all of the bigger rides. I was so wrong. He loved it until it spun backwards, but by then the ride was practically over. At the end of the day, my child figured out he loved all of the big kid rides. 

When I told Ryan how much Caleb loved everything, he got all excited. He now has a riding buddy! Somehow or another he thinks it will be great to go to Six Flags soon. I don't know how my heart will survive. 

Zoey was too precious! She was content riding around on the smaller rides. Lucky Tara! 

I just love that she's wearing her hair up more. She's just the cutest, little thing! 


  1. Hi! I am visiting from Kelly's Korner. It's always nice to meet another Tennessee momma.! Loved reading your blog!

  2. I'm glad you survived, and glad Caleb had a ball! Oh the joy of boys!

  3. I live in Kingston - not far from Chattanooga. I teach middle school, and our 7th grade just went to Chattanooga last week on a field trip. I am so glad to have found your blog. I just became your newest follower!



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