Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not For The Squeamish

Before I post a picture, I am clearly and plainly warning you.... If you happen to be squeamish or faint at the sight of something bleeding, absolutely do not keep reading this post. If you don't want to see a head laceration of any kind click off of this post pronto, my friends! For my friends that are rather curious about our whole ordeal yesterday that I mentioned on Facebook, here's the story....

Yesterday I was working when I got a phone call from my dad. He said, "He's okay, but you need to come get your husband and take him to the doctor for stitches." I flipped and hung up to run out and get him. Dad called back on my cell phone to tell me where exactly to pick Ryan up. Oops... I was panicking because I know that if Ryan is willingly going to get stitches, it's bad. He can cut himself and shrug it off. Ryan was joking about it and seemed just fine. 

Ryan was climbing off of a boat yesterday, stepped onto the dock, and hit a piece of metal hanging from some of the tornado damage. He never thought it was that bad until it bled quite a bit. Luckily, my dad was nearby and told him he had to get a stitch or two. When I looked at it, the bleeding had slowed a lot and his hair covered most of it. At first it didn't really look that bad. I took him to the nearest doctor and they took him right back. A nurse checked his laceration out and said he would need a couple of stitches. We figured that seemed okay....She told us it would be at least an hour or two before the doctor got to us because they were so very busy. 

They took us to a procedure room and another nurse came in to clean the wound out. That's when things got a little more serious. I decided that I wanted to see how big the cut was when she cleaned it. I stood behind her when she started and I realized it was pretty big. I saw a small flash of white and gasped. The nurse immediately made me sit down and told me not to look. Neither of us thought it was that bad beforehand. I admit I thought I'd seen all there was to see of my husband until yesterday afternoon. I guarantee I never need to see his skull again!  

After the nurse left to grab the doctor, I snapped a quick picture of his head. I have several nurse friends that were curious, so I documented it! Ryan looked at me like I was crazy and told me I was not posting it to Facebook.... I never promised this blog was off limits! It really wasn't bad looking unless someone was cleaning it out.... 

I could tell the nurse was a little concerned about the cut at this point. As soon as the doctor got a chance, he was in the room with us. They prepped him, numbed the area and stitched him up. The doctor measured it and told us the cut was 10 centimeters long and about 4 millimeters deep. They predicted 25 to 30 stitches at first. The doctor asked his nurses to explain to his patients it may be a bit and we had a major laceration. He began sewing and realized it wasn't coming together like he had hoped, so he wanted to staple it. They didn't have any, so he put 8 large stitches in instead. Ryan has to be very gentle with it for it to heal. Luckily his hair covers everything and they didn't have to shave the area. You really can't even tell unless you're looking for it. 

Ryan has to take antibiotics for three days just in case. It hasn't bled at all so far which is great news. He was also able to shower this morning and gentle patted it dry. Other than that I just have to clean with peroxide and apply Neosporin. In twelve days we go back to get the stitches removed. He's a little sore today, but not too bad at all. It totally confirms how hard headed my dear husband is.... Ha!

I joked yesterday that this is the first time he's ever really been injured around me. Considering how wild he was when we got together, I'm very proud of myself for keeping him pretty safe and in one piece for nearly five years! I feel like I can handle anything until either Ryan or Caleb gets hurt! Let a tornado come, I'm pretty much okay. Let my husband get a large gash in his head, I come unglued. Just the way it is, my friends. 

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