Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who Knew?!?

Last night, I started sewing my new covers for the boat cushions. I selected a light color because I really wanted to brighten the cabin. I have to admit I am slightly obsessed with all things Pottery Barn and this material just makes my heart skip a beat! 

I believe I am developing a love/hate relationship with fabric, sewing machines, and straight pins.....
Who knew I could actually pull this off??? 

Well, maybe my hubby believed in me enough to push me to it! 

My mom came over to discuss my project last night and then left me to it. I'm the type of person who has to sit and study how I'm going to go about things like this. I don't have a natural knack for this stuff. Totally foreign concepts to me! I sat long enough to really question my abilities and had pretty much convinced myself that I was in trouble. My sweet husband came in and listened to me plead my case....and then he told me to just give it a try. The worst I could do was waste some fabric until I got the hang of things. 

This is my very first one! This is one of the seat backs at the kitchen table. It took about thirty minutes for me to cut the fabric out, piece it together and then sew it. I think the sewing part was the most intimidating, but it actually went smoother than I thought it would! 

I plan to show you how I'm tackling this step by step. I didn't take any progress pictures with the first one because I honestly didn't think it would turn out right! Now that I have a feel for what I'm actually doing, I'll share it! 

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