Sunday, June 10, 2012

Double Date

On Friday night, we had a very unique date night! Ryan and I took Caleb and Zoey out and we really had a great time. Anywhere we took the kids, they got "ooh's" and "ahhh's" over all their cuteness. I think when they get together they attract a lot more attention....and I think they feed off of each other's funny personalities! 

We took the kids to IHOP and ordered them baby pancakes with eggs and bacon. Zoey was absolutely smitten with her Uncle Ryan. She loved having all of his attention and I think it was the same for his as well. Zoey loves acting silly with him and they were just too precious!  

My sweet man was too busy coloring and talking to take a picture with his mommy. He is so serious sometimes....

Meanwhile, these two were hilarious! Zoey just loved it! She has the sweetest little giggle. 

We attempted to take Zoey and Caleb to the jump place, but they were closing. I had one screaming child in my arms while Ryan held the other. Two of them crying was just heartbreaking. I cannot imagine what mothers of twins go through! I almost starting crying once we were all back in the car. We made the quick decision to head to the mall in hopes of saving the evening. Any thoughts of the jump place were completely gone once the kids saw where we were!

It's been a while since we've played here and I hadn't realized how big Caleb had gotten. He climbed all over everything with no problem. He fell off of one of the taller pieces and it scared me to death. He fell backwards and landed on his belly and face. He was just surprised into tears, but I was gripped with the anxiety of all the "what if's". I almost drove Ryan nuts...

Where Caleb went, so did Zoey..... at least she was careful enough to not attempt the daredevil stunts that Caleb tried. I don't think my heart could have handled it... 

On the way out of the mall, they had to stop to ride the first thing they saw. Caleb asked Zoey, "You ready to go to school, Zoey?" 

They were very serious about this business. 

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