Thursday, June 21, 2012

Names, Paint, and Platforms

After yesterday's bombshell of a post, let's get back to normal and happy. Ryan and I have spent some time on the Chris Craft this week. We used our "date night" that my parents give us each week to complete a couple of much needed projects. 

The name on the back of the boat just didn't fit us. It was painted on instead of the vinyl lettering we're used to seeing around here. I was quite worried about removing it. The name had been there for many years and I was afraid the gelcoat under it wouldn't match the surrounding part at all. And I was completely right. Luckily Ryan had a few tricks up his sleeve!

Ryan sanded the name off carefully. 

Once he got the name off, he started to wet sand the back of the boat.

He buffed it to a shine and it's ready for her new name!
Our friend that is making the lettering for us is the best in the business. He makes gorgeous graphics and I am looking forward to seeing how beautiful ours will be! 

Ryan and I also installed a swim platform!

We had to cut it to fit the boat's curves so it was quite an ordeal. 

We couldn't be happier! Now we have to refinish the teak. 

Ryan began sanding the sides as well. We'll be painting this week too. Instead of the blue/navy combo that's going on, we're changing everything to black. I think it will be beautiful floating in the water! 

Tune in later to see how she turns out! 

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