Friday, June 22, 2012

Pretty Bottom

Ryan sanded the boat bottom last night as I painted it. In roughly three and a half hours, we had a drastic improvement to our little boat! Our Chris Craft was in desperate need of some new paint...

We weren't crazy about the old faded blue paint and didn't care for the navy stripe painted above the waterline. We decided to raise the waterline and paint it black. 

Much better, right?!?

Yes, I actually painted the bottom. Ryan sanded and I came behind him with the roller. I have the paint spots to prove it, thank you very much! 
I haven't painted a boat bottom in about ten years and my body is certainly protesting today! 

If you let a marina paint the bottom of this boat, it would cost around $1750.00 plus tax. Ryan and I completed the project for around $100.00! We worked our butts off, my friends! The bottom paint was necessary to protect our boat while she lives in the water. 

Ryan is very skilled when it comes to taping a straight waterline and it really shows off here. 

The boat is now ready for striping, new registration numbers, and her name!

We are so pleased with the drastic change here! 

The swim platform brackets were actually made by Ryan. He cut and bent the stainless pieces to fit to the boat and swim platform. I swear he is so handy to have around! I simply love it...

Now she's ready to head back to the water....

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