Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Railing and Cleaning

My husband and I got to enjoy a whole weekend kid free a couple of days ago. This past weekend was the first time Caleb spent the whole weekend away from us. My parents took him to Tellico and he had a blast! By Saturday evening, Ryan and I both were missing him. 

We decided to work on the boat while we had the chance. Ryan modified the railing on the sides of the boat. When you step onto the boat, it was a little awkward. I am not known for my graceful abilities, so he tailored it to me! This is one side before he began cutting it...

I had to climb over the rail from the dock and step down into the boat. My short legs just weren't cut out to do it! 

Ryan cut the rail down and installed a teak plate that we can step onto. He also has a small teak step to mount on the inside of the boat. He's refinishing the wood to it right now, but it will make it so much easier for me to climb in and out of the boat. This is also going to be much safer for Caleb as well. 

When you stand back and look at it, the railing looks like it came straight from the factory this way. I think Chris Craft could use my husband's design skills when it comes to this kind of stuff! We love it!

I continued to deep clean the interior. I know I must have found quite a bit of dirt and mildew because my allergies are wreaking havoc ever since! It seems like I clean and clean...start thinking it's much better and then find a whole lot more! I scrubbed for hours on Saturday and it's looking great. Ryan and I removed the last two cushions and I plan to tackle them this week. 

It's definitely looking better! I really lucked out this past week. My dad gave me two whole boxes of wood flooring and it's enough to do the floor of the cabin and the steps! I am beyond excited about it....my husband just hasn't warmed up to it just yet. It's going to be quite the job since there are plenty of curves, but I know he'll love it when it's finished! 

Here's the kitchen area finally coming together. We've got to find a small fridge now. The boat didn't come with one and I'm ready to fill that space. 

Caleb and I have done a lot of snuggling since his weekend away. He has been absolutely precious. He started calling me his sweetie pie. Bless his little heart! 

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