Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Featured : Liz from Savvy Seasons

I am so excited to share a very special blogger with y'all today!  I know you will love her blog as much as I do....I want you to meet Liz from Savvy Seasons today. Last week I asked her to guest post while I was spending time with the kiddos. Liz just completed a new chalkboard project (something I've been dying to do) and she's sharing it with us today:

"How many of you have wanted to try Chalkboard Paint in your home?  Well, whether you are curious about the product, have tried it in the past, or want to learn how to get started, pull up a chair! =)
Chalkboard paint has been popular for a number of years now, and I am about to experiment with it in 
my kitchen.  Would you like to see the process?
This is my pantry door.  As my life gets busier, I find myself needing to leave myself notes as a reminder to get something done, or to perhaps pick something up at the store later.  Well, this chalkboard is going to help me tremendously, especially when school starts back up. NO MOREscatter-brained MOM. ;) 
 Join me and I will show you the simple process.
 This is the door before I started.
These are the products I used.
 I love FROGTAPE, because it keeps the paint from seeping out and it keeps the lines straight.
Here you can see where I taped everything off.  
 I primed my door with spray primer.  Yes, spray paint in the house is a no-no, but I did this with good air circulation and ventilation, fan on/windows open.
I taped off the area that I wanted painted.
In the photo above, you can see where the door has been primed.  I let the paint dry for 30 minutes.
At this point, I was ready to get painting.  I got all my supplies at Wal-Mart.
Paint ready to go!
So, what do you think?
Would you believe, the one thing I forgot to buy was, you guessed it, CHALK!!

So, I am "chalking" this story up to my forgetfulness, 

thus the reason for a....


If you'd like to see Liz's fabulous decorating style, jump on over HERE! She would be the one person in the blog world I would go to with any decorating questions I have.....She's that creative!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured : Cristina at Remodelando la Casa

Good Monday morning, friends! Ryan and I are spending time with the rugrats and while I'm away I've got some very special things planned for the blog this week. I reached out to a couple of amazing bloggers to stop by and share their latest home improvement projects while I take a short break. 

Cristina from Remodelando la Casa is posting today. Last week I saw her post detailing how she made and installed floating shelves in a small bathroom space for added storage. I have a perfect place for these myself, so you may be inspired today too! I'll let Cristina show you what she did in her smaller bathroom:

"I showed you this little powder room HERE,  I told you that overall I like this small bath but there were some issues I wanted to address.

Perhaps the most important thing to do is to change the lavatory.  It got damage when that little bottle fell from the second shelf and cracked the bowl!

But this time I got to fix another issue!  Storage space!  That was the principal problem because those shelves look good, but don't hold that much!

My solution:  To install three floating shelves. 

On how to build the shelves, you can check the following video or you can continue reading the story.

I took off those boxes and traced level lines where I wanted to install the shelves.

Since they were going to be floating shelves, a cleat was installed to the wall to hold the shelves.   For the cleats I used the cheapest kind of 1x2s.  They were screwed to the wall with anchors where needed, and with nails to the studs.

When all the cleats were installed, it was a good time to fill the holes and paint the wall.

Then, it was time to build the shelves!  This is the material I used for the panels.

After taking off those 2x4s and the hundreds of staples they were attached with!

I measured, cut, and sanded the panels.

I didn't bother to fill all those holes!

The panels and the 1x3 front boards were then stained.

For each shelf cover I used:
                      2  -  32" x ½" x 8"   Panels
                      1  -  32" x 1" x 3"   Boards

For each shelf frame I used:
                     1  -  30" x 1" x 2"
                     2  -    5" x 1" x 2"

The 1x2 pieces of wood where nailed in between two panels  like this:

Then, the 1x3 board was nailed to the front.

A look of the inside:

The shelves were then mounted onto the cleats on the wall.

Here, the three of them.

I found the perfect spot to display the 
one dollar find I got at the flea market! Some decorative bottles, books, vases, towels...

and of course a basket for extra rolls of paper that I couldn't store in the room before!

I like both my before and after picture! But what I like the most is having lots of storage space!

Our next project for sure is installing the new toilet! Hubby already took off the damage one! :)"

What a fabulous tutorial, right? With her instructions, video, and pictures any of us could pull this off as well! Thank you so much Cristina for sharing this with us today and helping me out while I'm on vacation!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Georgia Aquarium

Our weekend has been wild and exhausting! Early Saturday morning, Ryan and I piled three unsuspecting children into the Mommy Mobile and headed to Atlanta, Georgia for the day. I bought tickets to the Georgia Aquarium for us. They have a new dolphin show that I just couldn't wait to see!

They were so excited to see everything! I think Caleb could look at fish all day...

During lunch, we got to sit in the ballroom and watch beautiful beluga whales and whale sharks swim around us. Somewhere along the line, Caleb got cold and decided he could use the white tablecloth to cover up in. Ha!

We had to stand in a large group to wait for the dolphin show to begin. Ryan was beyond thrilled! 

We found the perfect seats! We were about five rows up, in the middle. Everyone waited patiently for forty-five minutes for the show to begin! 

The stadium was sold out and packed full of anxious people! 

No photography was allowed during the show, but I assure you it is worth every single penny paid in admission! Caleb was amazed the entire time....I think we all were actually. 

The kids enjoyed riding through a tunnel with sharks swimming above us. Clearly a little person was all about doing that!

Ryan and I have an anniversary coming up in just a few days. I am just absolutely in love with this sweet man! 

The kids got to play around on an old boat...

They all wanted to hug a dolphin before we left!

After the aquarium, Ryan took me to IKEA for the first time. Three stories of absolutely amazing things for the home? That totally made my day! I stood in wonder the entire time...



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