Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boat Night

Last night Ryan and I took the kids to the marina to check out things since the tornado. 

While we were there, we decided to show the kids the boat. They had no idea we had one so it was a big surprise. At first they really didn't get it. They looked at Ryan like he had lost his mind getting onto some random boat. 

Things started to set in and they were amazed. It was cute to see them in awe of a boat having a kitchen and a bathroom. 

Caleb and Bryce pretended to drive. 

Caleb looks like he was telling on Bryce...

The sky was really dark behind us. We had a lot of thunder and lightening after we got home. It was so loud it shook the house at times. Caleb decided he was going to hang out in the recliner with me instead of sleeping alone in his room. We were all tired once the storm was over! 

Caleb is just the sweetest little thing right now...cheese on his face included. 

We had a wonderful evening checking out the boat and making plans to take it out! 

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