Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy Few Days

On Sunday, Ryan and I traveled to Virginia to pick up my stepkids for their month long stay with us for the summer. We had about an eleven hour trip there and back, but it really wasn't that bad. We spent the weekend in Tellico and just left from there early Sunday morning. I always enjoy a road trip with my husband. It gives us time to talk, laugh, play our music loud, and sing totally off key. It's nice to have the time to ourselves without some child talking non-stop in the backseat. I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but Caleb literally talks ALL....THE...TIME. And he expects answers, so we have to be constantly engaged in conversation with him. He knows when we aren't paying attention to him! 

I got a call from my mom while we were grabbing some lunch on Sunday. Caleb decided that riding his toy tractor down a hill in my parents' backyard was a fantastic idea. Even though he was warned, he rode all the way down until he hit the swing set. I think it traumatized his granny more than it ever bothered him. He's got a little bruising and a small scrape, but not too bad at all. 

We had to take a picture to show Granny that it just wasn't that bad! 

Caleb was given something super special this week:

Image Via

Image Via
His new bunk bed is practically brand new and he is absolutely in love with it! Daddy and Pa brought it home last night and we put it together. 

Caleb was determined to help Daddy fix up his room. I had to referee between the two of them when it came to using the tools. Poor Ryan certainly has his hands full when it comes to Caleb "helping"! 

Once we got it put together, Caleb discovered it had a tent. I have never seen the child more excited. He kept saying, "That's mine?!? I got a ladder?" We are only letting him get on the top bunk while we can stand in there with him. Otherwise, the ladder is kept out of his reach. I had a nice discussion about what our bunk bed rules are. I told him he has two choices, listen to us or we move the bunk bed out of his room. All I got was an "Okaaaaay" so we'll see how that goes. 

He actually loved climbing into the bottom bunk since it has a tent. I think that's pretty smart of the manufacturer. It makes both bunks appealing to kids if it's shared. 

I couldn't get a great picture on my iPad last night, but I'll use my camera later. It takes up a ton of room, but we like it. It has a desk, plenty of shelving, a white board, and drawers. We can condense his furniture until we move and give him a bit more space. 

We have really enjoyed having Madison and Bryce with us! Last night after dinner, we challenged each other to a Just Dance-off. Absolutely the most hilarious thing ever! Madison jumped right in and did very well. It took Bryce had to warm up to the idea since we were guaranteed to look silly, but once he tried it he loved it. I seriously woke up sore this morning....I guess that's what I get for trying to out dance two kids for a couple of hours! Totally kicked my butt, no lie. 


  1. I love Caleb's new bed!!!

  2. What a cool bed! I love road trips too. I love looking at the scenery and just talking nonstop to the hubby. We lived in Virginia for a little while. It's just a pretty state.



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