Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cave Crawling

On Saturday we took the kids to the Lost Sea. This was their first time and we all enjoyed it! The Lost Sea is a large cavern with a lake. The tour lasts about an hour and you get a glass bottom boat ride to see huge trout in the lake. They give lots of facts about the cave and it's just really interesting. 

We were skeptical about taking Caleb on the tour. My fear was walking all the way down to the lake area and having him pitch a fit. Luckily he walked there and back the majority of the time without any issues! He got a little tired and I carried him on my back for about five minutes. 

Before the tour started, we walked around the shops. They had a blacksmith area set up. 

But the highlight was the booth with all kinds of hats! Caleb tried on a hot dog hat and we got so tickled at him. 

Then we had to try on all of the hats....

The kids had us laughing our heads off!

They came up with the silliest expressions!

But the silliness didn't stop there....

We got a chance to watch someone blowing glass. A man was making a figurine and the kids thought it was amazing. 

I just love how sweet Ryan is with all of them. 

Finally it was time for the tour to begin! We sat in the tunnel leading into the cave entrance. 

Caleb was so very sweet and loving the entire time. He would just come up and start hugging on me!

Ryan and the kids were so excited to go on the boat ride!

Caleb got red clay mud all over his little legs! He was filthy!

After the tour was over, we got popcorn and ice cream. Madison was so sweet to share with Caleb. 

I love his expressions! He's got his serious "I'm not kidding" face on....

The kids saw a place to mine for stones. I've never seen kids get so excited over a bag of dirt, but they all flipped out when Ryan came out with some! 

Caleb had to follow his sissy everywhere!

These kids didn't mess around when it came to finding stones. Everyone was so serious about it. 

Ryan showed Caleb how to mine. 

Madison found Caleb's birth stone and gave it to me for his baby box. I seriously about cried!

We got to the car and started scrubbing Caleb's dirty legs. 

I told him I wanted to take a picture of one of his wipes and he held it out for me. It was nasty!

When we got home and had showers, we snuggled up for movie night. 


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