Sunday, July 1, 2012


Friday afternoon found us back in Tellico for the weekend. We wanted to escape the record breaking heat on Saturday in Chattanooga. The mountain air was much more enjoyable! 

Ryan wanted to get some projects done around the camper this weekend while I enjoyed time with my sweet boy. Caleb finally crashed Friday night with Belle. I snapped a quick picture of her standing watch over Caleb as he slept. When I got close to him, she had a fit. Belle wasn't letting anyone near her buddy. I've often wondered how little Belle feels about Caleb, but now we all know. This little chihuahua acts as if she barely tolerates him during the day, but when it's time to snuggle for the evening she puts it aside! 

Caleb ended up having a sleep over with his grandparents. Friday night also marked his first full night of no potty accidents! I was so shocked on Saturday morning to hear the great news. Ryan and I didn't expect him to stay dry through the night this soon. It won't be long before we ditch the diapers. 

Saturday Caleb decided he wanted to help his daddy. They both grabbed shovels to work around the camper. Ryan installed an old-style charcoal camp grill and decided to move our fire pit. Ryan added more rocks and made it larger. 
Caleb was so excited to get to help! The past two weekends have been so nice in Tellico. Caleb is getting to an age that he is just so much fun. Ryan and I have sat and laughed at the silly things Caleb comes up with. Everything is just so exciting and new for him. 

I'm so proud of my two guys! They enjoy projects and working hard. I hope that Caleb grows up to be like  his daddy, but it seems like he's already well on his way. It makes my heart happy to see them spending "guy time" together. 

This picture makes me smile every time I see it. 

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  1. What a blessing for a little one to spend time with Daddy like this. It looks like a wonderful weekend.



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