Friday, July 27, 2012

Dressed Up and Meeting Famous People

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Things have been super busy, but I promise to have something special for you loyal readers next week...I've opened the blog up to some amazing ladies who will be guest posting for me. They will be dropping by to share some really simple DIY projects that I think each of you will just love. I read their blogs all the time and I think you will enjoy them as well.

Last night I joined my dad for an NRA dinner and auction. I've gone with him every year for about five years and we always have a nice time. It gives me an excuse to get dressed up and see some guns....

Let me tell you how rare it is for me to dress up around coworkers:
One of them did a complete about face when I walked in with a skirt and full blown make up on! I don't think I've ever stopped someone dead in their tracks until yesterday...Ha! Another coworker told me I cleaned up pretty good. I guess I shocked a couple of them? Surely they haven't thought all along that my husband fell in love with my superb tomboy at work appeal? Seriously boys???

Once we got there, my boss introduced me to a very popular face in the Chattanooga area, Weston Wamp. He's running for Congress this year and I hear he's got a good chance at winning. 
If you aren't from around here, this is Weston....
Image Via
 He was super nice (I suppose that's his job, right?) and asked how things were going at Island Cove with our rebuilding efforts. 

At an NRA dinner, you have opportunities to win guns and other prizes. All money raised at these events helps fund the NRA. Lucky sucker (yeah, I just said "sucker") that he is, my dad won the second gun given away last night. He got to pick from a whole wall of options! Beyond awesome, right? I'm never that lucky... Ha!

I enjoyed spending time with everyone and watching the live auction. With my Southern accent, I will never be able to talk that fast! I enjoy seeing people bidding on much fun. 


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  1. You look great! Weston isn't bad either! Glad you had a great time!



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