Sunday, July 29, 2012

Georgia Aquarium

Our weekend has been wild and exhausting! Early Saturday morning, Ryan and I piled three unsuspecting children into the Mommy Mobile and headed to Atlanta, Georgia for the day. I bought tickets to the Georgia Aquarium for us. They have a new dolphin show that I just couldn't wait to see!

They were so excited to see everything! I think Caleb could look at fish all day...

During lunch, we got to sit in the ballroom and watch beautiful beluga whales and whale sharks swim around us. Somewhere along the line, Caleb got cold and decided he could use the white tablecloth to cover up in. Ha!

We had to stand in a large group to wait for the dolphin show to begin. Ryan was beyond thrilled! 

We found the perfect seats! We were about five rows up, in the middle. Everyone waited patiently for forty-five minutes for the show to begin! 

The stadium was sold out and packed full of anxious people! 

No photography was allowed during the show, but I assure you it is worth every single penny paid in admission! Caleb was amazed the entire time....I think we all were actually. 

The kids enjoyed riding through a tunnel with sharks swimming above us. Clearly a little person was all about doing that!

Ryan and I have an anniversary coming up in just a few days. I am just absolutely in love with this sweet man! 

The kids got to play around on an old boat...

They all wanted to hug a dolphin before we left!

After the aquarium, Ryan took me to IKEA for the first time. Three stories of absolutely amazing things for the home? That totally made my day! I stood in wonder the entire time...


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  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Might have to make a trip!!



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