Monday, July 16, 2012

Porch Renovation

I promised you a project last week and I plan to share part of it with you today. Our Tellico spot needed some updating since we're using it a whole lot more now. We have a porch built onto our camper and have slowly worked to make it into more living space. When I first got the camper, the porch was pretty sad. It had an older primer grey plywood floor, bare walls and no insulation from the elements. Tellico has a lot of moisture in the air, so this wasn't working well for us at all. The porch had screens covering the window openings and I put up plastic to keep out rain as much as possible. I hated it because it just ruined our pretty view. Ryan decided it was time to seal the porch better since we installed carpet and linoleum. On Saturday morning, Ryan began taking down the plastic and screen material. Here's what it looked like before we started:

Caleb was in Heaven when Daddy broke out the tools. He knew immediately that this was his day to finally help and work with his daddy. Armed with needle nose pliers and his super cool Spiderman sunglasses, he set out to work!

The screen was attached with tons of little nails. Ryan knocked them down since we are covering them with trim. It would have taken hours to remove them all! 

Caleb just knew he was so very helpful. My heart completely melted at the sign of my boys working together. 

Caleb was just so proud of himself!

I honestly couldn't believe he could actually use the hammer. He successfully hammered a nail. We have to watch him so closely these days. He's into everything and can figure out just enough on his own to get himself into trouble. 

Ryan removed four boards that were just not centered at all. He put in two supports to give us a better view and centered them correctly. 

He carefully installed the new plexiglass and it is gorgeous! You can hardly tell there's anything between you and the outside it's that clear. It really opened up the entire porch and brightened it. I didn't get pictures before we left since we have some pressure washing and painting to do. Ryan is also going to seal it well with clear silicone. I'm going to pick out some new curtains that will really open the porch up. I just cannot wait to share it with you! 

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