Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Musketeers

Ryan and I are thoroughly enjoying having our three kiddos together this summer. It has been such a blessing! Our home is full and we love every second of it. Seeing Madison, Bryce and Caleb running around is such a happy thing for us. There's no doubt that having three kids is a big hand full, but it's actually really fun. Caleb has someone to play with and to teach him new things.

Bryce has shared his love of rock finding with him and it's just too cute.

I find two sweet children bent over rocks discussing the "sparkly" factor. Each one tops the previous, of course! This has been the year that Bryce and Caleb's relationship has grown. I think Bryce was afraid that Caleb was too small and fragile in the past, but now he sees that Caleb can play just as rough! It's so special that Bryce has a buddy to follow him around now. 

Madison is the snack sharer. She can't seem to turn Caleb down even though I know how much she loves her popcorn! He looks at her and says, "Please, Sissy?"

These two have been best buds since the moment they met. I knew there was going to be a special bond between them the first time they laid eyes on each other....

Our first week with Madison and Bryce has been fast-paced and fun! We've got plenty of fun stuff planned while they're with us....


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