Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We Bought A Zoo

I know it feels like a zoo around our house these days! The kids have kept me laughing on a very regular basis. If it's not Caleb surprising us with his vocabulary, it's Madison and Bryce having conversations with us! Most of this just happens to be during car rides. It's amazing the things a kid will come up with during a short car ride! I just wanted to share a few here to brighten your day...

We took a five minute ride together one evening last week. The kids were fairly quite in the backseat watching a movie. All of a sudden Bryce says, "Daddy, I'm bored." When we didn't immediately respond Caleb tells him, "Bubba, you're not bored. You're concerned." And then they just go back to watching a movie. I have no idea where Caleb got the word "concerned" but it left us snickering in the front seat!

The kids are really excited about us buying a new home together. We've visited a few of the houses we really love and all three kids stand there in awe. It doesn't matter which one we look at Caleb says, "That's my new house!" He has placed claim to about five homes....I don't know where he thinks we've got enough money to buy all five. I hope he's not too disappointed when he moves into just one....

Ryan and I really wanted to involve the kids in our big move, so I began asking about their ideal rooms. Madison began naming certain wall colors, hearts, and art she wants on the walls. The whole time I was thinking, "Oh, yeah! Good thing I asked. I can really use some of these ideas for her!" I was feeling pretty confident that these things were going to be easy....and then I asked Bryce. He looks at me and you can tell he's thinking really hard. He says, "I would like black walls with red flames!" I look at Ryan and say, "No way, dude! We're not doing black walls, flames maybe....What else do you envision?" That last part was a mistake because it just got him started! He says, "Well, if I can't have black walls I want hot lady posters." I swear he was as serious as a heart attack! I'm sure my jaw dropped to the floor (he's 9, remember)! I asked him, "So, let me get this straight: You want me to decorate your room in hot ladies. How in the world am I supposed to judge what's hot?" His witty reply, "Dad can just pick!" I'm sitting here thinking, "Over my dead body!" It didn't stop there....He told me that he wanted one entire wall covered in hot ladies. He also wants a tank with a snake in it and an aquarium. I think his room is going to take some careful planning when it comes time to decorate it!

By the time you finished that last one, I'm sure you're laughing with me now! Aren't little ones completely funny? Sometimes I look at them and wonder how in the world they come up with that stuff!

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