Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to Three

My stepkids went back to their other home on Friday, so we spent some time this weekend readjusting to life as a family of three. We went to dinner Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings and Caleb tried his first wing. He loved it! 

He was all about taking pictures with Mommy. 

Saturday morning we all slept in which was unusual. When we got up, I checked my phone and noticed our real estate agent had called. Turns out we had an hour before our house was showing. We scrambled to get ready and get out the door! To kill some time, we ate breakfast at Waffle House. We got Caleb a chocolate chip waffle and it was hilarious!

I have no idea how he ended up with chocolate on his face, arms, knees, and shins...

He ate every single bite!

We had a much needed hair appointment for Caleb and he was super excited!

We decided to go quite a bit shorter this time and Caleb loved it! It was just too cute...

We ate lunch at McDonald's and he was just so in awe of Ronald. He climbed right up and sat on him.

Saturday evening, I went to a wedding shower and this is what I wore:

I seriously need to get rid of some tan lines. I had to document that I did actually look presentable at least once this weekend! 

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