Monday, August 13, 2012

Dino Day

This past Saturday was our last full day with the kids before Madison and Bryce head back to their other home. We spent the day being silly and staying really busy...

We took them to Steak n Shake where they proudly wore the lovely paper hats...I thought they were beyond cute! All three kids completely pigged out at lunch. 

Ryan and I were just happy to sit beside each other so we didn't worry about getting covered in food or someone stealing our lunch! 

We went to a dinosaur exhibit in downtown Chattanooga. Caleb really enjoyed it and I think it fueled his dinosaur obsession a bit more. 

He kept telling me, "I'm a T-Rex! Roar!!!!"

There was too much to see and do. Poor Caleb was tired of stopping for more pictures...

Then we had to bribe him with cotton candy. Worked like a charm!

He was all about posing after that!

Caleb has fallen in love with the Dinosaur Train show. He actually tells us, "I have a hypothesis!" 

We were exhausted by the time we made it home!


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