Monday, August 20, 2012

High and Dry

Ryan and I finally got to haul our Chris Craft out of the water for some much needed service work! We are beyond excited to see the transformation. While the boat is on land, Ryan will be hooking up the new transmission, installing a new coupler, and working on the bow rails that were damaged in the tornado. Hopefully she will get her new name, registration numbers, and striping as well. She's going to undergo some dramatic changes and we are just thrilled! We really enjoy getting to work on the boat while we are on our lunch breaks. After everything is complete and she's back in the water, the Chris Craft will be buffed and waxed to make her look shiny and new!

This was the first time I'd ever watched our boat being hauled out. In the past I've always giggled at the anxious boat owners watching nervously while their own boats were in the slings. Now, I truly understand what they go through. Ryan was actually the one who hauled ours out of the water and I trusted him to do it one hundred percent. Still didn't mean I wasn't a little nervous...

I actually got to help by holding the bow steady. I was able to take just a quick picture of the process. The travelift reported that our Chris Craft weighs 7100 pounds. 

I just love this picture! I thought the lift would completely dwarf it, but the Chris Craft looks pretty big here. 

You can see the bent bow rail in this picture. Ryan is fortunate enough to know just how to fix it!

Moving to the stand which will be "home" for a bit...

Our travelift is one impressive piece of equipment. It is remote controlled and absolutely amazing to watch in action. 

You can really see how bad that bow rail is in this picture...


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