Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Leaving Thomas

I've slowed down quite a bit this week. As soon as I did, I noticed my sweet boy has really grown out of the baby stage. It's just plain over... Saturday we spent time around the house. He's all about playing in his fort bunk bed right now. 

I took him swimming that afternoon and he was jumping into the deep end of the pool! I swear that boy is so fearless....Ryan had him trying to dive by the end of the day. We truly believe he'll be swimming by this time next year. 

Caleb started "school" at church this year and instead of taking his sweet Thomas the Train lunch box he had to have a Batman one. Seriously could not live without it...

And he picked out Spiderman shoes. Of course we wouldn't wear anything without a super hero these days...He was so very proud of his new stuff. He wanted to show everyone!

He was strutting around ready for his day!

When did he gets this big?? 

We've sadly left Thomas behind and stepped up to super heroes. It's pretty depressing to think he's grown out of the cute baby things, but it's also exciting that he's growing into an active, hilarious child! Ryan and I have both commented off and on how much we are enjoying this stage he's in right now. There's never a dull moment. We're constantly cracking up at the crazy things he's saying and the looks he's giving. 


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  1. Wendy,

    He sure has grown a lot, I know it is bittersweet, and you guys are so proud!



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