Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lovin' The Mouse

Last weekend we went to Chuck E. Cheese with the kids. Caleb was really into the whole experience this year. Normally he freaks out when he sees the mouse, but this time was a whole different story...

Caleb followed his sister around most of the time. She showed him how cool everything could be!

I think the roller coaster ones were the favorite...

He looks so big now!

The part that surprised us the most was how much he loved the mouse! He kept running to Nana telling her about it. I think he was so proud of himself! 

He got up on stage and started to dance and hug the mouse. So cute!

Madison also got him dancing on the TV screen as well. 

We went back to the mouse quite a few times! 



  1. Glad Caleb had a good time. I need to update my blog with pictures from a couple months ago when I went to the NHRA drag race; I am so behind!

  2. I will forever know it as Showbiz pizza! Looks like Caleb loved the trip!



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