Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Dear

Sweet Husband,

    Today we begin working towards five years of marriage. Four years ago today, I married you. That day I really had no idea how much I truly loved you. I thought I had the right ideas to make a start with you. We thought we'd jump into this crazy thing called "marriage" and just live out our happily ever after. The funny thing is, we struggled. Sometimes every day....

   This past year brought the biggest storm of our lives. We have worked countless hours side by side after a natural disaster and we never tried to kill each other! I tried my best to protect your wild butt and I was almost successful. In the aftermath of the tornado, I watched you selflessly risk your safety to bring help to complete strangers. I showed complete trust in your boat handling skills when I hung off the front and jumped onto pieces of docks and boats! Honey, you'll never know how much I admire your heart through all of that. Through the storm, I realized that I just couldn't live without you. That's something for a stubborn, independent woman!

   We've also experienced some of the happiest moments of our life. I got the honor of watching you get baptized. We finally managed to finish our crazy house projects and put our house on the market. This year brings dreams of finding our perfect home together. We got our very first boat to restore. And we've watched Caleb grow into a little more of me and a whole lot more of you!

   I know some people out there snub the thought of five whole years of marriage, but I see it as one of my greatest accomplishments! I know I'm not easy to live with and you're by far my longest relationship. I look forward to many more years of becoming more and more amazed at the man you are.

With love on our special day,
  Your (mostly a pain in the butt) Wife

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