Thursday, August 2, 2012


Guess what the kidlets got as a big surprise?!?

If you'd like an affordable, easy to install DVD player, check out Amazon. The same model can be found on other sites for $366.99!

That sweet husband of mine installed a DVD player in my Mommy Mobile this week!

For Christmas a couple of years ago, Madison and Bryce were given portable DVD players. Now that Caleb is older and enjoying movies as well, we got tired of them arguing over the DVD players. Now they can all watch the same movie, or Bryce and Madison can watch something different on the portable ones. The biggest plus to the new system?

Wireless headphones, baby!!!! 

Goodbye to two to three movies going on at one time!!!! Now Ryan and I can enjoy a little adult conversation without little ears listening to every word!

Caleb doesn't watch a lot of TV with us so car rides are going to be a special treat for him and I'm really excited! 


  1. That is so neat. We have the DVD video system, but I need to get batteries for the headphones. The wireless headphones are so nice!

  2. One of the best inventions ever! Especially for long trips. Michael likes them as well, LOL!

  3. We have loved them this week! Who knew they could keep three kids so quiet?!?



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