Friday, August 17, 2012


Ryan and I took some time off yesterday afternoon to spend time with the kids. It was Bryce and Madison's last day with us for the summer and we wanted to have some fun. We took all three of them bowling. I was excited because this was Caleb's first time...

He loved the idea! He just couldn't seem to understand why he couldn't have every single turn. When we made him wait, it was just plain ugly. Lots of crying and whining...I know it totally doesn't seem like it by the pictures, but he was super moody. 

He just completely dwarfs little Madison, but she loves holding him!
He thought he was just like Daddy when he wore his hat. 

I love his silly side...

His little face brings me so much joy!

He was done with the pictures...

In case you were wondering, I totally kicked their butts! Even Ryan...which never happens!


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