Sunday, September 30, 2012

Farm Animals and Tractors

We have taken Caleb to the local county fair every year and we knew this year would be the most exciting. He's finally at an age that he can really enjoy stuff like that.

Caleb asks constantly when he can ride a school bus, so when we got a chance to take one yesterday he was so excited!

The first thing Caleb wanted to do was ride a pony. It was his first time and I honestly thought he would scare himself out of the idea. He patiently waited for about twenty minutes to get his turn and he loved it!

I was one proud mama!

He wanted Daddy to walk around with him as he rode it. So sweet!

Then we got to hold a baby duck. 

He kept saying, "Hey, cutie pie!" to that duck. He was precious trying to baby talk the duck. 

Several young girls took time to show Caleb the animals yesterday. I don't know what it was, but he just attracted them. 

Caleb is absolutely in love with tractors. It's more like pitch a fit until we get to sit on one kind of obsession at this point. 

I also got to show Caleb my favorite car. When I was little, my dad restored a 1973 Superbeetle for me and it was bright red. I absolutely loved that car and have told my husband he'll have to restore the next one for me. 

We ran into some tree cutting friends who helped us out at the marina after the tornado. They let Caleb sit on their equipment and he was in Heaven!

We let Caleb get his face painted for the first time. He was so patient and still so he could get a "T" painted on. 

Before we left, we stopped by the petting area to see the cows and goats. 

Caleb made buddies with this little brown cow. 

He fed and hugged all over him. 

We had the best time at the fair. This was the first year we could ditch the stroller! It's easier to let Caleb walk with us now and enjoy everything around us. He was so good about staying right with us and listening. He noticed a kid his size with one of those backpack kid leash things on and asked me loudly why that kid was wearing one. I am so thankful we don't have to resort to those with him! He totally cracked us up!


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