Monday, September 3, 2012

Just Playin'

This weekend Ryan and I took Caleb to a local amusement park. We go every year and it's so much fun to see Caleb try out new rides. This year was drastically different from last year's mommy-mommy-mommy phase. He didn't care about who rode with him as long as he got to ride something!

I absolutely hate heights, but can deal with them somewhat gracefully. Caleb completely loves them and is so fearless. My stomach dropped as soon as the Ferris wheel moved and Caleb cheered!

He was just so excited about going around and around...Me? Not so much!

I am so in love with this picture of Ryan and Caleb. They look so cute together. 

This year Caleb got to ride the boat chute. I figured he would flip out in the dark tunnel, but he had a blast! 

Of course he had to ride the Jeep....

This year he was also big enough to ride a horse on the carousel by himself. 

Ryan let him drive the antique cars and Caleb was in Heaven!

I love his little expressions right now. He's just too funny!

The balloon ride was torture to both Ryan and myself. Of course some little child wanted to keep riding it. Not only did the ride go in circles, the individual balloon spun as well. 

I rode once with Caleb and then Ryan and I swapped out. 

I swear we were both a little green on this one...

Caleb laughed the entire time...

He's just getting so big on us....

My favorite picture of the day


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