Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Farmer

Caleb has been learning so much at school this past month and he just loves it! The month of September was a whole unit devoted to farm life. Last Thursday Caleb got to dress up like a farmer and ride on a tractor. The church set up a pumpkin patch on the baseball field and Caleb got to pick a pumpkin.

Granny bought him the cutest pair of overalls for his special school day. She got him a size 5T and we were concerned about them being a little too big. Turns out, we didn't even need to worry about that being an issue! Seriously, the boy isn't even three yet and he's wearing size 5 clothing. I have no idea where he gets it...

When he put his new boots on, the overalls were the perfect length. 
I just love his sweet expressions. 
Seeing his face every day is what makes me happiest in life. 
I am so very lucky to be his mama. 
God has truly blessed us with a sweet, hilarious little boy in our lives. 

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