Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Progress Is Slow

Time for a weight loss update, friends! Y'all know how stalled out I've been lately and I am so very excited to share that I've lost a little more! I'm finally 37 pounds lighter today than I was November 1st of last year. To a girl who really loves food, that is a huge accomplishment!

Looking back over the progress I've made, I never really realized how bad my weight had spun out of control. At the time, I never thought I looked that bad. Had I realized it then, I maybe would have started sooner. But it is what it is, right? I'm doing better now and that's what matters most.

The day I went into the hospital to have Caleb, I was 46.5 pounds heavier than I am right now. My body just feels so very much better today. I know all of that weight was worth it since I have my beautiful boy in my life, but I really kept it on for too long. I can actually keep up with Caleb now and stay active with him and that's the biggest benefit to all of this. I don't want to be the mom who sits and watches from the couch. I desperately want to be the mom who can get out there and play with my little boy without it absolutely killing me. If Caleb ever looks back on this blog when he's older, I want him to know I mostly made these changes for him. He's what is driving me to be healthier and take better care of myself because I want to be here for him as much as he needs me to be.

The other part of doing this is for Ryan. I love for him to look at me like he did when we first fell in love. I understand a lot of people out there will argue with this point, but many men do actually care about a woman's appearance. When I let my weight get out of control, I worried about the way I looked (obviously not enough to do anything about it). Ryan would reassure me that he still loved me just the same. And I honestly don't doubt that love at all. But, when I began taking better care of myself I noticed a big difference in our relationship. He notices and compliments me much more now that I am making an effort to look and feel better. That just makes me feel even more amazing and it's totally worth the effort. He has been my biggest supporter through this journey. I've stalled out, but he's been there pushing me through it. He encourages me so very much and I am so lucky to have his help in all of this.


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