Tuesday, September 25, 2012

River Run

We decided to spend the weekend in one of our favorite spots. Tellico was absolutely beautiful and you can tell Fall is in the air! We have the sweetest friends there and Caleb has a blast with all of them. Tracy had his tractor there this weekend and Caleb just couldn't wait to ride it. It took him a few minutes to gather the courage to get on, but once he started we just about couldn't get him back off of it. Tracy is just so awesome with Caleb....

He was so excited to ride the tractor around. Caleb seems to make friends everywhere he goes and it really makes my heart happy. 

My parents' cabin is making awesome progress. They have literally redone everything there. I love the new place and I think it's perfect for them. The room that excited my mom the most was for Caleb and Zoey. She has made them a room in their new cabin and it is so amazing. When they first got the cabin, this is what the kids' room looked like:

The furniture was really too large for the room and I refuse to discuss the decor choices. Just not my style...
And now, Mom has transformed it into a beautiful, kid friendly, bear lovin' room!

The bottom part of the bed has another mattress that slides out. Now Caleb and Zoey have a place to hang out when they're with Granny and Granddaddy!

Mom decorated the walls with plenty of bears and Caleb just loved all of it when he first saw it. 

One of his favorite new spots is lying on the bear rug!

And his second favorite spot is in Granny's jacuzzi tub! 

He splashed water everywhere and let his new dinosaurs swim around. This kid was in hog heaven! Granny put a toy box in their room and she stocked it with brand new toys. Friday night found us opening every single toy in the box and playing with Caleb. We had a blast. We got so tickled at Caleb and my mom arguing about who won what game. That child is just so much fun these days. 

We really love my parent's new cabin and Mom promised that I can share the interior with you as things progress. 

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