Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days to A Better You - Day 5

Throughout my days I start thinking about all of the things I can share with you during this series. There's just so much I have learned over the past year that I absolutely cannot wait to share with you. If I can help one person out there not live in misery due to their weight gain, I will be one happy girl. I've been there and I have never in my life felt worse about myself. It feels so good to take control of my eating problems and actually make positive changes to my whole body. I started this journey to look better, but it has transformed into so much more than that. I want to have more energy and feel better. My health problems are going away and I can live a fuller life now that I'm not carrying so much extra weight on my body. 

I have struggled every step of the way. I've been frustrated and disgusted with myself, but I have stuck with it. There are days that I still feel like I look like I did when I started. I know that's all in my mind, but those thoughts can be so very powerful and discouraging. Everyone, including me, wants instant results. You search endlessly for that one magic trick that will make it all go away in a week. Honey, that just doesn't happen. You didn't put all of this weight on overnight and you won't be taking it off that way either. 

My biggest motivation tool is picture progression. Before you get started, take some pictures. Trust me, these are not pretty by any means. They're not meant to be! Take front, sides, and rear. Yes, I just told you to take a picture of that ever-growing butt. Until you look at the pictures and realize exactly what you've got, you don't know where to go from there. On the days when you've plateaued for two whole months or you just cannot see those great changes you've made a couple of months into things, you will have those to look back on. 

I've got to do some more recent ones, but I'll share those with you later in the series!

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