Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days to A Better You - Day 6

Want to know the most practical thing I learned to stay motivated:

I found that quote on Pinterest quite a while ago and it has stuck in my brain. There are days I try something new to see if it will give me better results and I constantly have to remind myself that sometimes it just takes a little longer to see the efforts pay off. 

Many people get so discouraged when they "only" lose five pounds of fat when they're trying so hard to reach a certain goal. Remember that five pounds is an actual accomplishment. It all adds up!

 I am still amazed at how much more my body hurt when I was carrying almost forty pounds more on it. I had constant acid reflux and I was sick a lot more often. I never really connected the dots until I saw the chart above, but I'm hardly sick anymore. When I was heavier and unhealthier, I promise I had some sort of sickness every other week. Talk about miserable! My unhealthy lifestyle completely wrecked my gallbladder and it had to be removed. I honestly sabotaged my body. Those extra days of eating fast food and greasy, nasty mess were not worth what I was doing to my body. The medical bills were not worth eating that piece of candy or cake. 


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