Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Campfires and Bulldozers

This past weekend, we spent some time in Tellico. My dad cooked up this big plan to build a retaining wall at their new cabin, so we gathered some strong guys for the job. Friday night, the guys started building the wall. After we had dinner, we sat around the campfire a bit. 

This was an extra special trip for all of us. Uncle Steve (my mom's brother) joined us for the weekend. We all just had the best time together. 

Ryan got sweet and danced with me. 

Caleb and Zoey watched the campfire with Granddaddy. 

Saturday morning, the kids played around on the new deck. They loved the wagon and tricycle. 

I got some beautiful pictures of my sweet niece. She's just precious! She also told me she loved me for the first time this weekend. 

We checked out the wall progress a little and the kids got to ride the little bulldozer. 

Our friend, Terry, drove the kids around and Caleb loved every second of it! He begs to ride every bulldozer we see and he finally got a chance. 

The kids got to play on it when the guys were building the wall. They found the button for the horn and thought it was hilarious!

Uncle Brian gave Caleb a worm and he absolutely loved it! 

Tara and I took the kids to a petting zoo so they wouldn't be in anyone's way. 

Caleb climbed right on top of this turtle.

They got to feed all of the animals and they just loved it. 

Caleb and Zoey were so sweet and funny the entire weekend. I enjoyed every minute with them (minus the one fit Caleb pitched). 


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