Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cheerleading for Bow Rails

It's been a bit since I've had a boat update, right? We've been so super busy lately and just plain haven't had the time to work on it like we'd want. Such is life, am I right???

Ryan has done several things lately that I just can't really help with. So, I've been his cheerleader. He has rewired our engine, which was really quite the mess. We had bundles upon piles of wires lying everywhere on and around our engine. They weren't color coded properly, secured properly, or going to the right components. Ryan has patiently sorted through everything and we get to run it this weekend before installing it in the boat.

We have some amazing friends who have stepped forward to help us out on our project. It's unbelievable how many people have given us stuff for the boat or offered to help us accomplish things. Ryan and I talk about it often and still find it so hard to believe how blessed we are with such wonderful people in our life. We've got one buddy restriping and putting the name on our is putting wires in our engine compartment....another has offered to help us out with the binding on our new carpet for the boat....Dad has given us hardwood flooring to install....a friend bent our salvaged bow rails just right...another person is buffing and waxing the entire upper portion of our boat for us....and one sweet friend has even let us take anything off his beautiful boat that was completely totaled in the tornado. Anything we could salvage from it was just plain given to us for our boat. How absolutely amazing, right??? Then we've had friends along the way who have simply given advice. We have an older boat with an older engine. While Ryan is trained to deal with the latest and greatest engines out there, he's beginning to learn more and more about the older ones. When we've gotten stumped on a problem, there's always been someone right there helping us along. Without everyone's help there's absolutely no way Ryan and I could have such a nice boat. This project could easily have turned into a thirty thousand dollar restoration, but we have no where near that in her. When I think about everything that people have done to help us have our dream, I am overwhelmed. That's the only word to describe it.

Ryan has been working on the boat rail. He removed the whole thing and began polishing it. The piece on the left was our before. Every single piece was that tarnished and dirty looking. After buffing them, he got the results on the right. He said some took ten minutes while others took up to thirty. It was nasty work, but well worth the effort. Ryan mentioned that normally people think these pieces cannot be salvaged and throw them out. That can be a costly option when all it takes is some patience and compound to buff them to new condition. We saved a ton of money with this simple project and got amazing results!

The boat just didn't look right without a bow rail!

Yes, he does look at me like I'm crazy when I take pictures of him working...

These are the pieces of the bow rail that were bent for us. 

Ryan put some sealant in the screw holes prior to installing the pieces. 

This way everything was protected from water....

I told you I was just here to offer support and hand him stuff...

After the bases were installed, he added the other pieces.

I did actually get to help him feed the rail through the supports. 

Last night we just got everything dry fitted so we can figure out if we need to make any adjustments. 

After stepping back to look at it, we discovered that we do have to move the rail forward. It's going to be tricky and require both of us, but it will look great once it's done. 


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