Monday, October 15, 2012

Clownin' Around

Last week my family took Caleb and Zoey to the Alhambra Shriner's circus. This year was much more exciting for them since they were big enough to enjoy it more. 

Caleb and Zoey waited patiently for the circus to begin...
Can you believe what a difference a year makes?!?

Caleb picked out a light up sword and thought he was a super hero!

At intermission, we took the kids to ride an elephant. As you can see, they were terribly excited!

They loved it! 

Then they stood in line together to ride a camel. 

Tara told Caleb to hold onto Zoey, so he made sure she wasn't coming off! 

I love how protective he can be!

Caleb convinced Granddaddy to go meet the clowns. He absolutely loved them. He went up to each one and asked them what their name was. 

Mom enjoyed taking her grandbabies out for the evening....

We had the best time with my family at the circus. I love this age for Caleb and Zoey. Everything is so new and exciting. I swear I feel like a kid again too....


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  1. Glad they enjoyed the circus this year. Also, thank you and your family for supporting our local chapter of Shriners. Wonderful organization.



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