Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Heart

I am really enjoying the "31" series right now. It seriously makes my heart happy to know that I am helping some of you. Want to know what else makes my heart happy?

Even though Ryan and I are convinced that our child has entered the horrible three's, this kid has totally cracked us up this week. On Wednesday we had a car full of kiddos for Puggles/Cubbies at church. Caleb got to spend time with two precious friends. I just love that Caleb has buddies now. So stinkin' sweet!

Honestly, Caleb is very smitten with these two little ladies. He has not stopped talking about them this week! 

My boys are the biggest kids around. Caleb convinced his daddy to climb in the play area with him. 

We bought Caleb a soccer ball this week so we could all play together. My hubby played soccer when he was younger and it's so sweet that he shows off for me and Caleb. 

Caleb was determined to look just like his daddy. Daddy took his shirt off to play, so you know who else had to take his off as well! Gotta love that poochie baby belly...

Caleb built a forklift out of blocks at his Nana and Pa's house this past week. I had to giggle. Caleb has this extreme obsession with forklifts....for over a year....because he sees them at the marina every time he comes.   Only our child.... 
The other night he was building docks with his blocks. Bless his sweet little heart! 
Forget building towers....that boy wants to build a marina. Totally makes my heart proud. 

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