Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I mentioned yesterday that Caleb had been sick this week. I thought it was a bad reaction to his flu shot last Friday, but it was more complicated than that. The lady who keeps Caleb for us during the day told me he was lying around a little which is very unusual for Caleb. I called into our pediatrician's office and a nurse called me back around 3:30. After explaining Caleb's behavior since Friday, she told me I needed to bring him in immediately. Luckily our pediatrician was on call last night and we saw him at 5:30. I am so thankful Ryan got to go with us on this trip. We were there two hours and it was exhausting. 

Since Caleb had such a high fever over the weekend, they checked his blood for infection. His white blood count was elevated and they said this really looked like a viral respiratory infection. When Caleb gets a respiratory infection, his is always bad. He had RSV when he was two weeks old and has had trouble with wheezing ever since. 

Since he's almost three and the liquid albuterol no longer works as well, our pediatrician diagnosed Caleb was asthma. Right now it isn't too bad and we are going to manage it with breathing treatments when he gets sick. 

Caleb's nurse brought in his nebulizer and showed us how to use it. His breathing was so rough they wanted us to go ahead and do a treatment in office. 

His nebulizer is shaped like a puppy. Ryan and Caleb named him "Nebby" and Caleb thinks we bought him a puppy. Since he's so attached to the new puppy, he doesn't mind taking him everywhere!

Caleb did great for his first time! He was very patient and we were very surprised. Ryan told him that this medicine helped him get strong and become a super hero. Caleb was really into that part of it. 

I think he just looks pitiful....breaks my heart!

Caleb could out grow his asthma as he gets older or it could possibly get worse. Time will only tell. For now we plan to manage the things that can set off his asthma and hopefully we can prevent it from getting any worse. 

We have to give breathing treatments every six hours until he's better. I'm praying he stays patient with it!

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