Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tellico Halloween 2012

Every year we have a party in Tellico to celebrate Halloween. Every year, Ryan tries to top the previous year on extreme costumes. The best part about the evening is that no one knows what everyone else's costume will be.

We were Batgirl, Batman and Robin. Caleb had no idea what he would be this year and he was so stinkin' excited! He wanted to stay in his costume all weekend. 

Debbie was a fairy godmother. Caleb hated her outfit for some reason! He wanted her to take it off. 

You can't see it here, but Ryan has bright green tights on! It was absolutely hilarious! 

Caleb was so proud of his outfit! He really thought we were super heroes. 

I love that Ryan plays along with us! He's such a good sport about dressing up crazy with us. 

Mom was Cleopatra and Dad was a cowboy. 

Uncle David was a biker dude. We got tickled at him holding a chihuahua! 


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