Monday, November 12, 2012

10:28 pm

Right this moment exactly three years ago, I met the little boy who would completely change me as a person.  

I was never a patient person....always independent.....strongly opinionated and stubborn. This moment three years ago, that stopped. I've found patience to withstand the ugliest fits a certain boy can throw my way. I learned that there's no way I can get through raising this strong willed child without God! I learned that I'd eat my words every single time I judged another parent's tactics with their unruly children! 

Every year of his life, he teaches me so many new things! 


I love every moment God has given me with this special child. 

He has changed my whole life and brought me so much happiness! 

Praise God for giving me this beautiful blessing! I thank God for allowing me to become his mother and trusting me to raise this child. I never had a deep, aching need to become a mother, but praise God for knowing that I'd love every part of being his mama. God is so very good!!!

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