Sunday, November 11, 2012

Caleb's 3rd Birthday Party

I took a short break from my holiday series to plan a birthday party for Caleb. My sweet little boy is turning three tomorrow and we celebrated his birthday with all of our friends and family on Saturday.

I actually made Caleb's dinosaur cake... It was super easy! 

He was so excited to have a party! He loves being the center of attention. He woke up Saturday wanting me to sing "Happy Birthday" to him! We have this ongoing thing of telling each other "You're my bestest!"

We had his party at church this year. Our church built a large indoor play area for the members' kiddos. It was perfect for us! We pretty much turned those wild kids loose and let them have fun.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and this year Caleb blew out his own candle! 

I figured he'd be pretty shy about it, but I think he loved the extra attention. 

We sat down to open presents and he got really excited about it! I swear that child opens presents soooo slowly. I don't remember being that calm about it as a child. 

Ryan and I got him a doctor kit and we caught him later on playing doctor with all the little girls. I swear we're gonna have to watch that child....

Granny and Granddaddy got Caleb his first Tennessee football uniform. Ryan was too excited about it!

We'll be celebrating Zoey's birthday next! I love this picture because I finally caught Brian smiling!

Of course when we got home, we had to open some of our new toys!


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